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Tuesday, November 27th 2007

12:12 PM

Secession conference being held in Charleston, SC ??

I thought y'all might be interested to know that this is happening very soon http://www.cas.sc.edu/arena/secession.htm.  Will any of you be able to attend the event?  It'd be great know how the issue of secession is discussed and handled by these folks.  Wouldn't it be interesting if the North American Secession Conventions held the past two years, and all the media coverage the issue has received the past several years resulting from the League of the South, the Second Vermont Republic, the Free State Project, the Hawaiians, Christian Exodus, et. al., have now caused academics to hold conferences on the subject?  Hmmmmm, certainly interesting.  Please let me know if any of you will be in attendance.
Cory R. Burnell
Phn:  (877) 727-3578
Fax:  (815) 572-8086
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