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Tuesday, November 27th 2007

5:32 AM

News from Ray Nash For Sheriff Re-Election Campaign

I've been meaning to alert y'all about Sheriff Nash's re-election campaign.  He's embattled in a primary fight in Dorchester County.  He is quite frankly the BEST friend of the US and South Carolina constitutions of all the sheriffs in the state - he's likely the best sheriff in the nation in this regard.
His friendship with CE over the past couple years makes it hard for us to publicly promote him because the media will be quick to write controversial nonsense should any connection with CE be thought to exist.  So I'm asking you to do whatever you can in a personal capacity to help his campaign.  Please spread the word about his campaign far and wide.  Another thought is to give to his campaign financially if you're too far from Dorchester County to volunteer.  Keep in mind that the media will likely latch onto out of state contributions in a negative way.  To avoid this possibility, keep your total contribution to LESS than $100 per person and it will not have to be reported.  For those of you in South Carolina, there is no such concern of course.  Should you be out of state and desire to give more, consider having friends or family members write a check to the Nash campaign.
Checks can be made to Nash for Sheriff and mailed to PO Box 52384, Summerville, SC 29485.
Lastly, the email below is his campaign newsletter. You can sign up to receive it and stay abreast of the campaign at his campaign website:  http://www.nashforsheriff.com/.
Yours in the Cause,
Cory R. Burnell
Phn:  (877) 727-3578
Fax:  (815) 572-8086
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Ray Nash for Sheriff
November 2007
Ray Nash For Sheriff Re-Election
Campaign Newsletter
We Need Your Help!
In This Issue
Support Ray Nash
New Internet Site
Newsletter Technology
What You Can Do To Help

Support Ray Nash
Ray Nash 

As you know, Sheriff Nash is facing a difficult fight.  There are many resources aligned against the Nash for Sheriff re-election campaign.
However, we believe in grass roots - in reaching out to everyday working men and women - folks who are raising their families - who support Crime Watch - who stand up against drugs and violence.
So how can you help?  It's easy.  Just forward this email to as many people as you can and encourage them to sign up for the mailing list. 
When you forward your email, please include a personal note explaining your support for Sheriff Nash.
This will also allow them to visit our internet site, and give us their feedback about Dorchester County.
Thank you for your support.
Join Our Mailing List
Dear Supporter of Sheriff Ray Nash:
My name is Jeff Brooks, and it's a pleasure to send this email to you on behalf of Sheriff Ray Nash.  Please look for additional emails in the future that will keep you informed as to the issues in the campaign for Dorchester County Sheriff.
New Internet Site
The citizens who are working to re-elect Sheriff Nash in Dorchester County are preparing a new Internet site at www.nashforsheriff.com.  We welcome your thoughts and comments.  We also urge you to check back to the site often, to see the most updated information about the election.
Newsletter Technology
We are utilizing newsletter technology from Constant Contact.  This allows us to send timely and informative newsletters to all of Ray's supporters and other voter and citizen groups. 
Due to the nature of this technology, recipients of these newsletters can be assured they will not receive viruses or any malware from Sheriff Nash's campaign.  In addition, we will scrupulously guard the privacy of our subscribers.
What You Can Do To Help
This letter is important.  We urge you to forward it to as many of your friends and acquaintances as possible to allow them the opportunity to "meet Ray Nash." 
I would suggest that if you are sending to a lot of people, you might send the email to yourself and use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) capability on your email to forward the message.
By putting the recipients names in the BCC address line, you will keep all of your email addresses confidential.
When you forward your email, it would be great if you would attach a personal note explaining why you are supporting Sheriff Nash.
Thank you for your interest in our campaign and your continued support of Sheriff Nash.  If you have any questions or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Jeffrey M. Brooks
Ray Nash For Sheriff Re-Election Campaign
This email was sent to cory@christianexodus.org, by jbrooks@nashforsheriff.com
Ray Nash For Sheriff Relection Campaign Relection Campaign Summerville SC 29483
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